Integrating patients and clinicians

SyncHealth provides patient-to-clinician home blood pressure and medication administration monitoring. We bring home data to clinics within the context of their EHR at point of care.


Real time data at point-of-care to tailor effective treatment plans more precisely.

Capture data more effectively

Patients no longer have to write their blood pressure readings on paper and bring them to the hospital. SyncHealth makes this data available to clinicians within the EHR.

Better treatment plans

Comparing and contrasting home blood pressure readings vs. clinic readings allows for better treatment plans.

Upload data anytime

SyncHealth communicates with the EHR continuously ensuring real time data at any point in time is presented to clinicians.

Designed for patients and clinicians

Designed with both patient and clinic in mind. Patients will find an intuitive experience. Clinicians will find data within their native work flow via EHR.


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